Mcdonald's Managerial Competencies

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Managerial competencies is a complex concept yet is vital for the overall performance of the business; it includes a combination of skills, attitudes, knowledge and behaviour that an individual requires to be an effective manager. Mac and Dick McDonald proved the importance of teamwork via their speedy food-making system. They ensured the teams were designed so that members complemented each others strengths and weaknesses. The brothers displayed internal organisational awareness as they were aware of everyone strengths and weaknesses and had an overall understanding of the goal when planning the new speedy system. They were initially faced with the challenge of not serving the food fast enough, yet overcame this issue by planning on the tennis…show more content…
Dick, Mac and Ray all displayed entrepreneurship qualities to some extent. Dick and Mac combined the three factors of production and saw an opportunity in the market (i.e. customers waiting for a long time to get their food) and took the risk of having a small, narrow range of menu items, no cutlery - which surprised Ray (Still 7) and serving food in paper packets. They planned on the tennis court (Still 1 & 6) and the brothers used their capital to start their speedy service system. They were able to deconstruct the concept of a traditional diner and reinvent their new system. They did what no one was doing in the country and built a…show more content…
Dick and Mac were leaders as they focused on satisfying the people’s and challenged the status quo. They got rid of the waitresses and traditional method of your food being served up in your car. Instead, they were innovative and creative as they developed a new method, of walking to the window to get your food, which none of the other restaurants were doing (Still 8). Entrepreneurship in The Founder is shown in each of the main characters. Ray popularised the restaurant as he was an opportunist and had franchising, communication and perseverance skills. He persevered and made it his ultimate aim to make the McDonalds brand a success in America. Harry J Sonneborn had financial skills as he helped Ray who was suffering from cash crunch problems and business model problems. As we can see, synergy and a variety of entrepreneurial qualities led to McDonalds

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