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With our mac and cheese maker, all you have to do is add the ingredients and you have fresh mac and cheese with absolutely no work! So, where did mac and cheese originate from? Mac and cheese was first made during the age of European colonization, when men transported dried macaroni from Italy to Britain and to the American colonies. Thomas Jefferson is known as the father of mac and cheese. He brought back a pasta machine to America from Italy in 1787. He brought food to the colonies that was never there before. He started to make better and more efficient machines along with more recipes. He made the first and early versions of baked mac and cheese he originally referred to it as “a pie called macaroni” . He would cook the pasta till almost done the add butter, salt, white or yellow cheese and place it in the oven for about 15 mins. As the years went on Thomas Jefferson started to add American or English Cheddar. Through the years mac and cheese has changed in many ways. It started off as just macaroni pasta with white sauce. Nowadays there are people making their mac and cheese with all different cheese and pastas. Chefs add all types of extra ingredients. Some of these ingredients are bacon, fried eggs, shrimp, and even jelly. Even though chefs all across the world are putting…show more content…
To begin making your mac and cheese, you have to make white sauce. To do this you should use a good amount of butter and flour. It is important to use cheddar cheese mixed with a little Gruyere. The type of cheese will affect the texture of your sauce. Sharp white cheddar produces the smoothest result, and yellow and extra sharp cheddars can become grainy. A good brand of dried elbow macaroni will have the best consistency. Cook you mac and cheese for a little longer for the sides to become crunchy. Ham, peas, onions, broccoli, and red peppers give a nice touch to your mac and
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