Mac Donald's Argument Analysis: Hard Data, Hollow Protests

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Hard Data, Hollow Protests I highly disagree with majority of Mac Donald’s argument. Firstly, her inclination that officers “have more to fear from black men than black men have to fear” from the officers does not sit well with me. Although blacks may make up the highest percentage of cop-killers, blacks are more likely to be shot than whites. I suggest that since both facts are true to an extent, social culture and biases have become the driving force for both instances to play out as they are: Black men are more likely to kill cops, cops are more likely to kill black men. I believe that social injustice in the view of both sides cause them to view each other in this bias; therefore, both sides would instinctively commit these actions in a hostile situation, but claim them as self defense. The argument that I will never agree on is her idea that “if…show more content…
Secondly, I find Trump to use the flag to distract his supporters from the fact that his administration, which most Republicans campaigned on repealing and replacing Obamacare, could not carry out their main “promise” to the US. In regards to the football players’ kneelings, I would agree as to why they would not consider the flag as reverent as “patriotic” citizens would. Since the flag is a reminder of a black and white history, black NFL players are more inclined to protest against what they see as unjust. Whites did not really have a big problem against the flag, but blacks have a history that separates them from what the flag represents. My only question is “why now?”. They make millions of money, they have the eye of the United States audience, and they seem to make a big statement when they do something in front of the crowd. Why did these players not kneel years ago in protest? Better now than never is the only conclusion I can

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