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Going from a true friend to a psycho, serial killer is the biggest transformation in Something Wicked. Mac, Horatio's best friend is one of the main characters in the novel. Mac knew Horatio since they were young boys playing Harry Potter in each other's backyards. In the novel, Something Wicked, Alan Gratz portrays the theme that some people will do whatever it takes to obtain power, through the use of Mac's character transformation. Mac's transformation shows that some people will do anything to obtain power. In the beginning of the novel, Horatio says that Mac is a handsome, caring guy that he has known and trusted for many years. Mac, Horatio, Banks, and Beth go to Madame Hectate to see their fortune. At first, Mac is against…show more content…
He has become more closed to Horatio and keeps to himself and Beth. Mac's grandfather Duncan had just been murdered, and Mac was more concerned with the Highland Games and how he would win the competition. Horatio started to notice Mac's lack of emotion for the death as well as the fact that Banks, Mac's cousin, had just lost his chance of going to college. After the Hells Piper clan told Horatio of Mac being the one to sabotage Banks, Horatio knew Mac had really changed. Horatio confirms the sabotage by asking Mac what Banks' prophecy was. Mac claimed he did not know, when Horatio knew Mac knew Banks' prophecy, because he was obsessed with it. Horatio says, "the only reason he would lie about the prophecy was because he didn't want to admit that he'd been preoccupied by it, consumed by it. . ." Banks' prophecy was that Mac would be king of the mountain, but Banks would own the mountain. This made Mac angry and drove him to do things that were unthinkable. After being caught in that lie, Horatio knew Mac was responsible for the murder of his grandfather, in order to be "king of the mountain". Horatio had a plan to out Mac by making Madame Hectate make a fake prophecy for Mac in order to "predict" Mac getting caught. Horatio makes the plan to say a Macduff would ruin his plans, because he was secretly a Macduff. Mac hears this and kills Megan Sternwood thinking she was the Macduff Madame Hectate was referring to. This proves that Mac will do anything to achieve the power of the

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