Mac Vs Elf Case Study

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Would you rather drop $40 on a 30-ml vial of foundation? Or would you rather get the same quality product for $8 at a different company? The cheaper option might be the obvious answer. Yet, in a society full of obsessed name brand people the price does not matter at times. I chose the two most popular makeup brands specifically for foundation. I chose Mac for the high-end brand and Elf for the drugstore brand. My friend Anna and I have attended cosmetology school. Therefore, we both have extensive knowledge on makeup. She will help me compare the quality of the two different brands of foundation based on price, diversity, longevity, ease of application, and skin effects.
Mac and Elf both have a wide variety of foundations. Mac offers about 38 shades, while elf offers only about 5 to 10 foeundation shades depending on the
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Mac foundation is said to be estimated at staying on for 15 hours with the use of setting spray. Setting spray helps to freeze your makeup into place. Elf is said to be estimated for 6 hours with a few touch ups. That includes with the use of setting spray. Mac’s longevity is more extensive. Yet for the price and amount of product you get? Elf’s longevity would win. Anna and I wear a lot of makeup, so we go through foundation quickly. Mac would be ideal for single use longevity, yet the price and amount of product allows Elf to take over.
Mac is more for all skin types. The liquid and cream is stiff. It allows you to control the product and blend it seamlessly. Elf is detrimental to oily skin types since the foundation and cream is extremely liquid based. It just doesn’t set into the skin well unless there is a lot of blending. This makes Elf easy to blend with dry skin. I have very oily skin, so I love the way Mac settles into my skin. It doesn’t create excess oil unlike Elf. Anna on the other hand has drier skin, so she enjoys Elf because it gives her great moisture to balance her skin

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