Macaron Thesis

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Research The start: Le Macaron was founded by Rosalie Guillem. Her daughter was living in France and was inspired to bring French patisserie to the US, in the state of Florida. Being originally French, the owners wanted to bring the authentic taste of the French macaron to the United States. Tired of the mispronunciation of the french macaron; the owners wanted to educate society on french culture. They wanted people to learn that instead of saying “macaroon, which is a coconut cookie, to transition into the word macaron (/ˌmakəˈrän/). Reputation & Brand: They are most known for their macarons as the name of their bakery suggests, but they also have a variety of french pastries and cakes such as eclairs, madeleines, bon bons, etc. Bringing…show more content…
Being aware of the society’s needs and wants is another way to increase the chances of your franchise being successful. As for the chef part, there is specific training chefs can go through that can better prepare them for creating these cookies. Social media is another way to find chefs in the area that would be p-perfect for the job. Time for profitability/factors affecting profitability: Profitability is something that is based on several different things. Depending on your retail, location, and ownership, profitability will vary. To “break even in a franchise depends on the profits made, but it usually take 6-12 months to final break even. After that is when the company/franchise starts to profit. Breaking even is the act in which a business finally makes enough money to pay off any monthly charges. Outlook for the future: The hopeful future for this company is to expand and grow as a franchise. Like most bakeries there is competition so improving to beat out competition is always a goal to strive for. Finding locations that fit the needs of the franchise and of the people is a way to reach these goals. Finding an audience that is open to trying cuisine from a foreign country is a way that “Le Macaron French Pastries” can expand its
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