Macaroni And Cheese Thesis

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Macaroni and Cheese: Making America Grate Again Imagine being a child and coming inside from an exhausting day at the park and catching a mouthwatering whiff of lunch being made, only to find out it is a child’s ultimate dream meal—macaroni and cheese. That being said, mac and cheese is not only loved by children, it is loved by a great deal of people. Therefore, more of the world’s population should further their knowledge about the delightful food, such as, where it came from, the emergence of Kraft (the most popular brand), and the interesting influences that it has on people. In “Marvelous Macaroni and Cheese,” Jesse Rhodes explains the hypothesized dawning of macaroni and cheese. Although the origin of the tasty meal is unknown, macaroni…show more content…
“More Please, Macaroni and Cheese” by Deanna Keahey and “Macaroni and Cheese” by Marlena Spieler are cookbooks consisting only of macaroni and cheese recipes. Apparently, Crayola was moved by the cheesy deliciousness because in 1933, the company named a crayon “macaroni and cheese.” Additionally, there are two restaurants in New York City by the names of S’MAC and Supermac that are devoted to serving macaroni and cheese. Former college student at the University of Connecticut, Luke Gatti, even got expelled because he wanted macaroni and cheese so badly. He was charged with breach of peace in second degree criminal trespassing for calling a cafeteria employee names and physically assaulting him when he refused the serve the rowdy student mac and cheese. Even though macaroni and cheese does not seem very significant, it has made an impact in many people’s lives. Clearly, there is more to macaroni and cheese than most people think. As uncommon as it is to think about, there actually is a history behind the tasty meal, an evolution of the well known blue box brand, and many effects that macaroni and cheese has throughout the world. Furthermore, mac and cheese
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