Macaroons In A Doll's House

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From the opening scene of the play “A Doll’s House”, Henrik Ibsen has potrayed deception through macaroons .By coming up with the macaroons ample of times ,the play suggests that Nora is dishonest to her husband which is one of the reasons their relationship is in trouble. As in , a man’s position in society was to take control over financial matters and money and to be in charge of his family. These responsibilities cause a lot of deception throughout the play. As Nora lies to Torvald about macaroons because she wanted him to feel in control .The macaroons could also symbolize Nora’s wish to live free and satisfy herself by pleasuring herself. Through eating of harmless macaroons, Nora decides to keep secret from Torvald to make him feel that his orders are being followed .As she is restricted to eat macaroons because Torvald thinks by eating macaroons ,she will gain weight and destroy her teeth as well as her perfect figure .Being forbidden ,she still keeps eating macaroons and hides it from Torvald .In act one ,page number 4,the quote” She takes a packet of macaroons from her pocket and eats one or two; then goes cautiously to her husband’s door and listens” shows her anxiety level and her need to continue lying about eating the macaroons by reason of disgrace .She has to sneak the macaroons .It is a hidden contentment that she is masking from her husband .It seems like she is playing a role of a child in their household .She isn’t ready to get away with the fact that
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