Macbeth A Bad Country Analysis

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"Bad deeds force you to commit more bad deeds."In "Macbeth"Mrs.Macbeth tries to change Macbeth a to a ruthless leader that doesn 't of anything.For example,"Bleed, Bleed,poor country" he is showing that he has no mercy to or for anyone.Along, the same lines in Epsteins 's article,"Mattis rushed Thomas over to the office where head coach Lane Lohr."In both stories they try changing people.Like lady Macbeth tries changing Macbeth into a ruthless leader and Mattis changing Thomas into the best high jumper in the world. "Luck is not a chance -its toil."In Luck is not a chance the author is trying to tell us luck is just a saying you need to work hard in order to succeed.Along,the same line William Shakespeare story,"It 's a step on which I

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