Macbeth Act 1 Figurative Language

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My essential question is how is the language used to influence our thoughts?

So I used black and grey because that symbolizes mysterious and miserable, cream because it symbolizes the people, red, and dark red because that symbolizes the violence and the blood.

The three scenes are, Act 1 scene 3, Act 1 scene 5, and Act 4 scene 1. In Act 1 scene 3, it was untruthful and unconvincing. In Act 1 scene 5, it was more violence and evil. And in Act 4 scene 1, it was strange yet convincing.

The three pictures on the left hand down corner, there is a crown, a half-smiley-half-sad-face, and a baby with a crown on his head. These pictures supports how the witches’ prophecies influenced Macbeth’s thoughts because after knowing that he was thane of
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