Macbeth Act 1 Scene 5.9 Analysis

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5.9. is the last scene in Macbeth and it is the most important Scene ending the play. 5.9. focuses on the Macbeth’s downfall and the deaths of the characters express a sense of tragedy to the play. Through the addition of impactful character actions, stage directions that 5.9. showcases the witches prophecy while supporting Shakespeare’s purpose. The prophecy wasn’t fulfilled before the addition of the witches prophecy that was taken upon Malcolm. The scene directions that were taken at the end of 5.9. allowed for a more purposeful and impactful end to Macbeth. In Act V, the Witches’ prophecy focused on Macbeth and showered praise while also remarking fate. What the addition of 5.9. did was add a scene where the Witches speak of another prophecy and illustrates the utter hatred that Malcolm has for these Witches. Malcolm attempts to kill these Witches in outrage of what the Witches have done. The Witches speak of a prophecy that is fulfilled through the actions of Macbeth. The prophecy of the Witches and the death of Malcolm builds on the element of tragedy that Shakespeare has used. Before Malcolm dies, he says, “ Now that this madness is ov’r I can finally join my father” (5.9.78). The quote adds to the repeated notion of…show more content…
added a grand finale to the play through the stage directions and the dramatisation of Malcolm. The improvement at the end of the play allowed for a better ending, which instead of the throning of Fleance. Malcolm attempts to kill the witches at the very end of the Macbeth with the addition of 5.9. The stage directions add to the purpose and tone of the attack. In 5.9 Malcolm attacks the witches, “[charges at hags but collapses due to an unknown power, force field sound, collapse sound effect]” (5.9.48). The stage directions improve the end of the play emphasize impactful moments before the death of Malcolm. The addition of 5.9 dramatizes the final moments of the death of Malcolm while creating a better ending to

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