Macbeth Adaptations Of Macbeth

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William Shakespeare 's tragedy Macbeth has been performed in many adaptations. Each performance being different in certain areas from other because of the ways different directors or actors believe the scenes should be executed. The two different versions of the adaptations are from Ian McKellen and Goold. Though both versions contain many of the same scenes with the same plot there also differ. One scene where this is the most obvious is that where Macbeth is dinning with his guess after receiving the message of his friend being murdered by his order. With the scene, Shakespeare does not give clear direction on how to handle the scene. It is up to the people who are contributing to the adaptation to take hold of the play and turn it into what they would expect to have the greatest reaction. One way in which director tries to grab the audience attention is through different techniques. Two techniques which were different in the two adaptations of Macbeth were, the character and the lighting, by having the scene shown in two different ways, it creates a new way to look at Macbeth and his rapid down fall afterwards. The main character of Macbeth is Macbeth; in the dining scene when Macbeth is confronted by the ghost of Banquo, the two adaptations which were shown the scene differently. In the Ian McKellen 's version, there is no one there when Macbeth starts to yell at the ghost of Banquo. The audience has the chance to view what the guests in Macbeth 's dining
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