Macbeth And Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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Actions speak louder than words, on act four lady Macbeth was angry towards her husband. Her husband fled and abandoned his children and her. Lady Macbeth believes her husband is a traitor and coward because he was afraid to own up to the consequences. Macbeth’s fear caused him to betray his children and lady Macbeth which made her furious. The overall meaning of the quote is when one fears it is easy to lose your morals. Personally, I’ve experienced a scenario quite similar. One of my valuable morals is to never cheat. Although I never cheat the fear of me falling a class caused me go cheat. If I would have studied my notes or asked questions this scenario could have been prevented. I learned to never cheat on a test and accept the consequences of not studying for a test. This ties in to my quote because I personally say to never cheat but my action was to cheat.…show more content…
Some fear not fitting in its other, others fear the truth. Regardless of what each person fears it is important to control our actions. Our actions will always speak louder than our words. Therefore, it is important to not let fear take over our mind and actions. Overall fear is the main reason why we commit most mistakes. Although fear is overwhelming it is important to remember who we are and overall our true
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