Macbeth And As I Lay Dying Analysis

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There are characters in Macbeth and As I Lay Dying that are greedy. Macbeth wants to be king and knows Macduff is not loyal to him. Macbeth plans to send murders to kill the family of Macduff. The murders kill the wife and children of Macduff. Macbeth kills the family because Macduff is working with Malcolm in England. Macduff gets told his family is dead by Ross (ShakeMac4.3.204-213). In As I Lay Dying, Anse is very greedy person. He only cares about himself and money for his teeth (Faulkner 255-256). Anse takes money from Dewey Dell and Cash. Macbeth and Anse are two people, who only care about what is going to better them.

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