Essay On Intercultural Translation

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Research Question
The main question discussed is:
1. How is the translation of metaphor from source text to the target text considering intercultural translation?
Source Materials
The materials used in this article consisted of two texts, the English drama Macbeth by Shakespeare, and its translation into Farsi by Ashoury, D. (2012).
This research is a descriptive-analytical one. Thus, the researcher sought to describe and analyze the intercultural relations between an English drama, and its Persian translation in a metaphorical level.
As mentioned this study aims at investigating the intercultural translation of metaphor. For this purpose first, metaphors from source text and their corresponding parts
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Intercultural implication It should be mentioned here that the researchers believe basically translation as a whole is an intercultural activity. Thus the uses of the term inter- cultural in this part of the study is only for the ease of analysis. Table 1 represents some examples of investigating intercultural implication. INTERCULTURAL IMPLICATION
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This meant both source text readers and target text readers have some similar image schemas to perceive or metaphorize world in that special context in their language-culture. So these metaphors were also regarded as [rather] universal, at least between English and Persian languages and cultures. Thus it was resulted that basically translation in this category of metaphors happened directly or in other words they were translated almost word by word therefore they had a higher level of translatability. Case number 1 can be taken as an
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