Lady Macbeth Relationship Analysis

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Macbeth was play written by William Shakespeare in 1606. They play was based in Scotland, during the time of play Macbeth was the king of Scotland between the years of 1040 to 1057. Throughout the play the main character Macbeth had many relationships with many different characters but the most significant of those relationships would have been with his wife, Lady Macbeth as we knew her. However, throughout the play their relationship was drastically altered. At the start of the play they were very trusting and would cooperate well together, but this all changes. When we reach the middle section (Act 3) you can start to tell that the two ‘lovers’ start to distance themselves from each other. As we get deeper into the play (Act 4/5) it is very…show more content…
For the time period that Macbeth was written in it is astonishing that Lady Macbeth had such an influence on Macbeths decisions. This can be seen after Macbeth has had his prophesies delivered by the three witches, once he tells Lady Macbeth that he can be king. They devise a plan to kill Kind Duncan so that Macbeth can take his rightful place at the thrown. However, this is all unturned when Macbeth declares that he will no longer be taking King Duncan’s life. This decision upset Lady Macbeth greatly, she responds by…show more content…
Once this is said to Macbeth he then listens to Lady Macbeth and does as she says. This shows that they trust and believe in each other. For Macbeth to listen to Lady Macbeth it really does show that they are equal if not she is the boss of him. When we get to the middle of the play it is obvious that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are slowly hitting the rocks when it comes to their relationship and connection. At the start of the play Lady Macbeth is a strong, independent and the boss of Macbeth but during the middle of the play Macbeth starts to strike back and bit give into her. This can be seen during the dinner party for Macbeth and his new
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