Macbeth Argumentative Essay

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The most important thing to consider when planning to direct a film or play based on Macbeth is how to get the audience to feel like the key characters in the narrative are true living, breathing people. For this reason, the adaption must be in a film, the more dynamic and controlled medium, and needs to include actors who look the part as well as have vast experience in that specific type of role.

The medium of film is a much better option for Macbeth because of how much more control it gives directors. Filmmakers have the power to show their audience exactly what they want to see and how they see it. This ranges from things such as angle and lighting to editing. They can create so much more depth than a traditional play can, most often actors
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The types of roles that Macbeth’s character encompass create a unique mix of desire, fortitude and a twisted sense of dignity. All of Hiddleston’s past roles are specifically tailored to meet these criteria. For example, his performance of King Henry V displayed his capability to be dignified noble as well as fighting as a soldier admits his brothers regardless of whether he was the higher rank than them. However, we know that this side of Macbeth falters after the exposition of the play. For this reason, we must look to his role as Loki for the sly and devious nature every Macbeth needs to have. His performance in Thor, The Avengers, Thor: The Dark World and The Avengers: Age of Ultron is said by many to be one of the key points of success for the films and one of the biggest driving forces. Loki functions almost entirely on manipulation and backstabbing which perfectly fits the role of Macbeth after he realizes the short path he could take to being king.

Another key element of an actor in their appearance, they most look the part just as well as they can act it. The armor, weapons, and garments as well as his hair and beard. Hiddleston’s costumes in Henry V are exactly how I picture Macbeth appearing throughout the film adaption making him the all around best
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