Macbeth Banqo Analysis

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In the play Macbeth, by Shakespeare, a frightful prophecy is delivered to Macbeth and his comrade in arms Banqo, which threatens the future of Macbeth’s kingship. Three witches tell both that while Macbeth will become king, it is Banqo’s children who will ascend to the throne, not Macbeth’s. Macbeth fears not only this terrible prophecy but Banqo’s skillful ability to weather any storm unscathed. He also realizes the terrible decision to kill Duncan, which will not help him, but will help Banqo. Macbeth deeply regrets his murder of Duncan because he realizes that Banqos stratagem is so superior that he will have to make no sacrifices to ensure his son’s kingship, while Macbeth had to endure so much pain only to gain an unfruitful kingship.

Macbeth was forced to go against his moral code, suffering so much from regret to gain his short kingship, but because of his fear of Banqo’s abilities, he is worried that Banqo’s son will be able to easily attain the throne. He remarks on Banqo’s abilities that he “hath the wisdom that doth guide his valor to act in safety.” (58-59) Macbeth knows that Banqo is not so irrational and risky as Macbeth, and that his logical and rational thinking will lead him to not take so many risks while also ensuring his sons kingship. Macbeth risked imprisonment
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He feared this more than anything else, what would happen after the murder. However it took him until this point to realize all he had sacrificed for a “fruitless crown” (66)that the witches gave him. For Macbeth, there seems no way out, no way to install his sons as the future kings. Not only is Banqo a talented tactician, he is also backed by a prophecy coming from witches who see the future. How can Macbeth escape a man who does not get himself in trouble and the verdict of a prophecy? Macbeth’s ambition has been checked by Banqo’s intelligence and his own
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