Blood In Macbeth

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William Shakespeare, a prominent English poet and author of the famous tragedy Macbeth, whom has wrote one hundred and fifty four sonnets, thirty eight plays, and numerous narrative poems throughout his era. In The Tragedy of Macbeth, Shakespeare uses blood as a constant and dominating theme in the play. Blood appears in two forms as physical and imaginary blood. Furthermore in the beginning, it resembles honor, bravery, and victory. But throughout the play, conveys guilt, murder, betrayal, infidelity and evil.
It is a tragedy told of a Scottish general named Macbeth, who desires power and advancement, that seeks the throne through the temptation of his own aspiration and his wife, Lady Macbeth. The recurrence of blood symbolizes the guilty
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Macbeth then presumed that the witches evoked it to appear. But as he has not noticed that his hallucinations were prompted by his own vision of the overwhelming guilt. Also in Act 2 Scene 1, “Dudgeon gouts of blood” reiterates the hallucinations overwhelmed from guilt. Lady Macbeth reckons how Macbeth’s infatuation is cowardly and impotent. In Act 2 Scene 3, Macbeth mentions to King Duncan’s sons, Malcolm and Donalbain, of their father’s death. He states that blood is a invigorated essence to…show more content…
This is a representation of how he restrains his guilty thoughts and feelings. “Bloody and invisible hand” demonstrates the contrast between the appearance and reality. It becomes difficult for both characters to hide their distress and contrition of their crimes. In Act 3 Scene 4, Macbeth loses composure at his gathering as Banquo’s ghost has appeared. He notices that the table is full and thought witnessing Banquo’s bloody figure was a joke. He convinces himself that he is not his fault the ghost is present. The purpose was to bring forth the truth of what he has done. In Act 5 Scene 1, Lady Macbeth sleepwalks through the castle and had illusions of blood. In which she realizes the mistakes she had committed after she was incapable of rubbing the stains of blood of her
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