Theme Of Murder And Guilt In Macbeth

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This extract shows Macbeth’s emotions which were in disguise and slowly shows the different side of Macbeth’s personality.We learn about his strong ambitions which have taken control over his mind.We have been introduced to the murder and guilt in the also shows the reaction and effect of the murder on Lady Macbeth.This is the “bloody” scene where the swords come out and the deed is committed.It gears us towards the fact that we shouldn 't feel sorry or sympathize towards Macbeth .It is one of the most important scenes in the play.

The two main characters in this scene are Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.
Macbeth was seen as a noble and well mannered gentleman who is strong on the field and a loyal soldier in the beginning of the play . He then met the three witches who sabotaged his mind and made him believe he would be king.He is ambitious but it is mainly the ambitions of Lady Macbeth that drove such
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The sin itself took place offstage. The first time we see Macbeth after the killing he is holding the bloody daggers.He says “I have done the deed” while Lady Macbeth seeing him with the murder weapon says “Why did you bring the daggers from that place ? They must lie there : go carry then ; and smear the sleepy grooms with blood “ . You can tell that she is only afraid of getting caught but not guilty for it and wants to make it seem worse by smearing the grooms with blood.
Lady Macbeth’s personality is also talked about to show the contrast.
While both are on edge and both appear painfully human and it is Lady Macbeth’s practical side that helps them wash off the traces . Macbeth’s remorse at the killing has left him in a state where he could easily be suspected. He has brought the daggers with him from the room, a metaphor of his guilt, which requires Lady Macbeth to return them.It is also emphasized on as it is an example of dramatic irony as the two characters swap their personalities later in the
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