Changes In Macbeth

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In the story “Macbeth” there were some characters that didn’t change throughout the book, but there are others that did. Lady Macbeth can be an example of a character that changed. Including to that, there is one character that changed the most. Becoming king was the cause of him being evil and selfish. Before Macbeth had become king he was a total different person. This concludes to him becoming king, killing people, and only caring for himself. These are all effects that had happened to him. To start off, before Macbeth became king, he was the thane of Glamis. He made the king very proud when he had fought in battles. To add to that sentence, Macbeth had fought the rebels and in that same day he fought the army of Norway too. Macbeth was…show more content…
There were times where he didn’t even care about his wife. It felt like he shut his feelings for everybody and kept his mind on being king. Not to mention, he did kill Banquo and didn’t feel sad or any guilt towards his death. “Thanks for that. The adult snake lies in the ditch. The young snake that escaped will in time become poisonous and threatening, but for now he has no fangs. Get out of here. I’ll talk to you again tomorrow.” (Act 3 Scene 4) He didn’t even have sympathy to say Banquo’s name. Macbeth called him a snake even though Banquo was there for him the whole time. Banquo wasn’t the only one that Macbeth didn’t care for. It was also Macbeth’s wife, Lady Macbeth. “She would have died later anyway. That news was bound to come someday. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.” (Act 5 Scene 5) Mostly, husbands would be heartbroken if they ever got news about their wife being dead. On the other hand, Macbeth didn’t even shed a tear for his wife. He just moved on and talked about something else. According to Macbeth, being king is more important than any loved one. To summarize all this, Macbeth was selfish, he wanted all the power and he didn’t want anyone to take it from him. Becoming king was the whole reason why Macbeth was insane. He did anything in his power to become king, he killed anyone that got in his way, and didn’t show any emotions for anyone’s deaths. It was shown throughout the story. There are situations where people care about things they want rather than the ones that are by them. Macbeth was the only one that could have stopped what he was doing. Things that people want can destroy them and that is exactly what happened to

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