Macbeth Character Analysis

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In the story “Macbeth” there were some characters that didn’t change throughout the book, but there are others that did. Lady Macbeth can be an example of a character that changed. Including to that, there is one character that changed the most. Becoming king was the cause of him being evil and selfish. Before Macbeth had become king he was a total different person. This concludes to him becoming king, killing people, and only caring for himself. These are all effects that had happened to him. To start off, before Macbeth became king, he was the thane of Glamis. He made the king very proud when he had fought in battles. To add to that sentence, Macbeth had fought the rebels and in that same day he fought the army of Norway too. Macbeth was a person that was brave, loyal, and kind. He wouldn’t be a person that would murder an innocent one or that’s what people would think. “Bad outfitted in his battles-weathered armor, Macbeth met the Norwegian attacks shot for shot, as if he were the goddess of war’s husband. Finally he broke the enemy’s spirit, and we were victorious.” (Act 1 Scene 2) This shows how brave Macbeth would be. He would be able to win any type of war. There are other quotes that can give someone an image of who Macbeth was and how he would never hurt anyone. “But if this is a good thing, why do I find myself thinking about murdering King Duncan, a thought so horrifying that it makes my hair stand on end and my heart pound inside my chest?” (Act 1 Scene 3)

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