Macbeth Opening Scene Analysis

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Macbeth is a play written by William Shakespeare. It is considered one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies. The play uses plot, character, setting atmosphere, diction and imagery to generate an enthralling drama scenario. Macbeth is set in the tenth and eleventh century Scotland. The play in general is about a nobleman who was once trusted and loyal to others turned into a power-hungry murderer after having a conclave with three witches. His plans to deceive the King and murder do become true but he does face many problems regarding it later. After claiming the throne to himself, Macbeth is faced with greater challenges as nobleman around Scotland try to thwart him off his reign over Scotland. In the play Macbeth also faces more problems such…show more content…
First thing we notice is how some character in the play are shown as inveigling the readers by giving out signs of false loyalty, love and friendship. This is particularly noticed in Act 1, Scene 6 where King Duncan and his party enter Macbeth’s Castle and are met by double-dealing Lady Macbeth who shows false professions of duty. It is easily visible in the lines of the play on how King Duncan is easily fooled by the deceitful Lady Macbeth. Line 17-18 Act 1 Scene 6 “"All our service in every…show more content…
The bloody child symbolizes the fact that no man born from a woman womb can ever cause harm Macbeth. This reassures Macbeth but it turns out deceitful towards the end. When Macbeth fights Macduff, the prophecy puts Macbeth under the belief that that no one can harm him. But this is proven wrong as Macbeth finds out that Macduff was ripped from a mother’s womb, this causes him to fear and accept defeat. This becomes ultimately true as he loses his fight with Macduff. The prophecy yet tricks Macbeth as in the beginning it seems all fair and square to him yet it is deceiving. This is ironic in the sense that Macbeth was a deceitful to King Duncan before he murdered him. The same sort of influence came around to him which caused him his life at the end. Shakespeare focuses the three witches to make the reader get greater sense of deception which is the main theme of this

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