Macbeth Character Analysis

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In William Shakespeare story, the Tragic story of Macbeth, the author creates a sense of havoc and dread through his uses of characters struggle, paradox, and fate, this creates a sense of tragedy in the story, so that reader can understand the story. To begin with there is a understanding that this story will have a tragic plot either from the end of the story or middle. When there is a tragic in the story there must be details of develops traits in a character, especially the characters struggles in the story. A great example of a character struggles is the main character in the story Macbeth, he was once a noble men who serve his king and his country. However, that all changes once the three witches presented Macbeth future. This prediction twisted of corrupted Macbeth noble belief, causing him to struggle between good or evil. In the end macbeth fell into evil and this evil inside of macbeth convince him “ It is concluded. Banquo, thy soul’s flight, if it find heaven must find it out tonight.”( III, i, 387 ) this event presented Macbeth downfall or struggle that lead him to evil, this allow the readers to feel the dread that an honorable character can change for the worst from evil. Macbeth isn’t the only character that showed of struggle, it can be seen in Macbeth wife, Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth is one of the characters that had their hand to be stained with murder and from this murder that tormented her for a long time. For lady Macbeth she can be seen as Eve,

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