Macbeth Character Delineation

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Shakespeare, one of the most well-known play writer and poet , was born in Stratford on ovos in April 23, 1564 , he started writing plays in the 1590s , his popular plays have had an impact on each one even until today, his characters like Lady Macbeth in Macbeth , Viola in Twelfth Night etc. are a few of the most popular characters of all times. William Shakespeare has not only been entertaining since decades but also has created about 12,000 words for the English language. . Words such as: bloody, hurry, lonely, suspicious, etc. are used by every second person even today. Shakespeare has not only introduced words, but has also written a few of the most popular phrases that even I myself, use in my daily conversations and texts such as “into thin air” , “catch a cold “ ,” for goodness sake “ etc .
Probably the most renowned tragedy, which till now gives one goosebumps, Macbeth has been one of Shakespeare’s many successful plays. I am going to talk about Macbeth’s character delineation followed by the use of language in Act 1, Scene 2.
In this scene, the audience sees that Scotland is at war. King Duncan faces his own insubordinate family as well as an attack by King Sweno of the Norwegians. In this scene, Duncan gets three critical reports: the demise of the revolt Macdonald on account of "brave Macbeth"; Macbeth 's activity against the Norwegians; and the bad form of the Thane of Cawdor, who has agreed with the adversary. For every situation, Macbeth 's chivalry

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