Macbeth Character Profile Essay

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Character Profile: Macbeth

One of the main characters in the story” Macbeth” is Macbeth, who is a strong soldier who is suspicious of the witches, indecisive towards Lady Macbeth 's instructions, and ambition that changes from driven ambition for the crown to ambition to kill anyone in his way throughout the story. The setting takes place in Scotland, and England is mentioned when a few of the main characters flee there for protection and help to take down Macbeth. The conflict that Macbeth experiences is in a lot of ways a man vs. self situation, but he has a handful of physical fighting and man vs. man situations too.

Macbeth has ambition, but his determination is not initially unveiled on his own. But is when shortly after when the witches appeared calling to him. This is when the thirst for the crown began. The witches said to Macbeth,” All hail,
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We see Macbeth superstition spark once more when he says the famous line of, “To be thus us nothing, but to be safely thus. Our fears in Banquo stick deep.” (3.1.48-49) Superstition plays a role here, but like we have seen it before. Before it was with the witches, but now Macbeth is starting to worry and be superstitious towards Banquo as king. Macbeth is saying how in order to be king you have to be safe and not feel like someone is going to try to kill you. This leads to be superstitious towards man. Another part in the book that leads Macbeth to be ambition and mechevieness is when he says,” Who should against his murderer shut the door, not bear the knife himself.” (1.3.128-142) What Macbeth is saying is, instead of going to Duncan 's castle to murder him, why don’t we just have him stay the night and kill him then. This is a really important part of the play because as the audience we know that Duncan will die or is being plotted against, but Duncan does not. This is major foreshadowing, and this is a turning point for Macbeth when he begins to go along with Lady Macbeth 's plan to murder King

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