Macbeth Compare And Contrast Malcolm And Macduff

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Malcolm and Macduff, two very different characters in Macbeth, are trying to overthrow Macbeth and the government but through very different motives. During the conversation between Malcolm and Macduff, Macduff tells Malcolm to, “Hold fast the mortal sword and like good men / Bestride our downfall birthdom”(4.3.3-4). Macduff wants to save the people of Scotland from this terrible tyrant ruler. He is not trying to do this to gain power for himself because he is a caring and selfless character. This is shown even further because before this conversation, Macduff left his family for the greater good of Scotland. After Macduff hears the news about the murder of his wife and children, Malcolm comforts him by saying, “Let’s make us med’cines of

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