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I chose to make a model of the scene when Macduff’s soldiers carry wood up the hill to portray the witches giving Macbeth double meanings, and in turn giving him false hope.
I chose to make a model that portrays Macduff’s soldiers carrying trees up the Dunsinane Hill, with Macbeth standing alone at the top of the hill. Macduff’s soldiers are carrying bark on their backs to disguise themselves and sneak into Macbeth’s castle. We chose to have Macbeth alone at the top, staring at his kingdom to portray the struggle between Macbeth and his country. The people that he rule do not trust his either his kingship, nor his honesty, and this shows in the faceoff between Macbeth and Macduff’s army. When choosing what double meaning to portray, I chose the forest scene because the news of the
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Macbeth is also a different soldier than the rest of the men on the hill. This is to portray that Macbeth used to be one of them, but throughout the story, he has transformed and become a new person, therefore he has become an outcast from his own kingdom.
I chose to focus on the double meanings because it portrays the ability to manipulate by giving false hope. Hope is the one of the major things that keeps most people going. Without hope, there is no point to trying to achieve a goal, and people won’t work towards achieving them. The witches, by telling Macbeth these prophecies, give him hope that he will remain King for as long as he and his bloodline are alive. These prophecies manipulate Macbeth and make him feel more secure than he really is. When Macbeth feels secure, this gives time for Macduff to plan an attack, and those prophecies that he believed would keep him safe, actually are what causes him to panic and eventually lose his kingship. Macbeth is given double meanings on many occasions, but mostly through the apparitions. The second apparition, which is a bloody child,

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