Macbeth Fair And Foul Is Fair Essay

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“Fair is foul, and foul is fair” In the tragedy of Macbeth, Macduff tells Malcolm that in order to be a good kind, there has to be twelve virtues which are; moderation, patience, devotion, courage, perseverance, stability, truth, generosity, mercy, humility, bravery, and justice. In this story, dedication, courage, and stability, are some of the most important virtues for being a king. Macbeth was a general, a Thane of Glamis who fought wars for Scotland and was also very dedicated to his country. From the start to end, down to his last battle, he knew and believed this. Even when Malcolm and Macduff were headed to the castle to overthrow him, he still fought.. Putting on his armour being unsure; ”I’ll fight till from my bones my flesh be…show more content…
He is an extremely courageous man who never let his men stand alone and fought along with his soldiers. Macbeth’s greed makes him become an entirely different person throughout the story. In the beginning maybe he is known as weak after murdering Duncan but by the end, the reader will know that he is a very strong and willfulness man. A good king should always have stability because they need to have good decision makings and have outstanding leadership skills. Macbeth is a perfect example of a good tragic hero. He is a great leader but his decision making skills are not as outstanding as expected for a king. Even in the face of sure defeat with the tragic flaw of ruthless ambition. He degenerates morally throughout the play, finding it easier and easier to commit murder for less and less reason playing it off magnificently. Macbeth let his ambition get to him, thinking about his pride and the role of the witches prophecies. His courage can never be controlled because he is not the type of person to never back out of a challenge even if it involves death. These virtues were the most important for him to have. There even though he had not used them wisely he still had them and used them to his own
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