Macbeth Good Vs Evil

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Imagine you are a young child again--let’s say 10 years-old--binge watching Scooby Doo on television all summer. Within every episode of Scooby Doo, The Mystery Gang reveals the villain running the diabolical crimes, at the end, and it becomes an archetype of these villains to be under a facade as someone sympathetic or innocent--making you least expect it. Towards the end of Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare, the Macbeth’s unstable mental states drives them to have various people murdered and even after obtaining the throne, they struggles to cope with their individual guilt. However, before Macbeth’s rise as king, he does not possess such vile motives yet gradually he and his wife’s greed for the title of kings and queens led them to …show more content…

Initially, macduff appeared to not have anything against Macbeth as the king. Nonetheless, he views Macbeth as “an untitled tyrant bloody-sceptered” (4.3.122) who is making a negative contribution to Scotland and possibly the suspect responsible for King Duncan’s death. This depicts the Thane of FIfe as a patriotic, pivotal character and as someone who truly cares for the wellbeing of Scotland--more than his family. In fact, In Macbeth and everyone’s eyes at home , it appears as though Macduff was a coward and fleet Scotland out of fear. In spite of that, he actually came to england in hopes he and Malcolm came become an alliance to take down “the truest issue of thy throne [where] his own interdiction stands [accursed], and does blaspheme his breed” (4.3.124-26). This shows he is sharp-witted in the sense that he travelled straight to the one person he knew did not favor macbeth either--Malcolm. Overall, the population of scotland view him based on how he appears a scoward despite his ulterior motive.Eventually, macbeth ordered murderers to kill macduff’s family because of Maduff ‘s allegiance with Malcolm, and Ross revealed to the grieving Thane of Fife the calamitous news--the root of his motive to kill Macbeth. Finally, Macduff meets eye to eye with benighted Macbeth and

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