Macbeth Integrity Analysis

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To be loyal to the king is to have integrity, to show this in a tragedy such as William Shakespeare’s Scottish play Macbeth, the use of literary devices is mandatory. Shakespeare showcases a variety in character and plot development; he manipulates this ability he possesses to dissolve the character’s integrity within the play. The overall thematic message of the play is ‘Disloyalty to the king means to lose integrity, consequently to lose integrity is to be destroyed.’ Macbeth shows his integrity in Act one, Scene two. Shakespeare proves Macbeth possesses integrity in Act one, Scene two. Macbeth’s integrity becomes undone in Act two, Scene two, consequently, the complete destruction of his honour is delivered in a killing blow in Act Five, Scene eight.

Firstly, in Act one, Scene two, Macbeth beholds as a man of integrity; which displayed through the literary devices Shakespeare used to emphasise his nobility in battle. By first exploring the mayhem of combat utilising a metaphor, Shakespeare advances to express the fulsome bravery of Macbeth as a warrior to the King. “Doubtful it stood, as two spent swimmers that do cling together and choke their art,” (1.2.7-9). (Acosta, 2014)The use of this metaphor is to prove Macbeth was a brave, loyal and ferocious warrior in a battle that held little hope for either side. The sergeant uses the metaphor to express the tire of the opposing sides and the desperate need for survival that they had, the hunger of victory over the other

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