Macbeth Monologue For Macbeth

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All Hail Fleance The murderers’ eyes flashed mysteriously in the torchlight. Banquo flinched and begged for mercy not knowing what the next moments would hold. At once the two masked figured carrying daunting daggers revealed their faces and twisted grins. “We won’t kill you, Banquo.” Said the first. “We have a proposition for you.” Said the other. “First drop your weapons and tell me who you are.” Stated a scared Banquo with a lot more force than he felt. “I’m afraid we can’t do that. What we can offer is this: we were sent here by Macbeth to kill you and your son. Instead, we will return reporting that you have both indeed been expunged, but we will leave you alive. Flee this country to Malcolm and Macduff in England, for they are who have spared you. Your son has already started on his way, find him and then go tonight.” “T-Thank you.” Stammered Banquo, startled by both the betrayal of his closest friend and this sudden mercy. And with that he ran out of the clearing and into the forest to find Fleance and flee to England with their lives. When Fleance and Banquo arrived in England, terrible news arrived on their heels. Macduff’s wife and children had been murdered by Macbeth. Macduff and Malcolm had already been planning their revenge on Macbeth and how to overthrow his tyrannical rule, but now they were sure. Plans were moving faster, with more momentum. Malcolm had the idea to get the crown back to avenge is father, and the grief-stricken Macduff just wanted to kill
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