Macbeth Motivation Analysis

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The motif that motivation was a powerful effect on someone’s decisions on the course of actions they must take. Shakespeare’s play Macbeth demonstrates this idea through the protagonist, Macbeth and his interactions with other characters in order to achieve his goals.
When Macbeth was told by the witches that he would be king, Macbeth so an image in his head that was a “horrid image (that) unfix(es) (his) hair” (act 1. scene.iii). The image he saw would be the death of the current king. Macbeth would envision a dagger before him asking himself “is (that) a dagger which I see before me, the handle toward my hand”(act.2 scene.i). The dagger was a metaphor for his ambitions and motivation to make himself king with the help of his wife, Lady Macbeth. After King Duncan was killed, Macbeth felt he was evil at that point where he “belief(ed) he (was) to evil to blessed by god”(act.2 scene.ii). The guilt he felt would drive him to the point of madness and brought into question if he was human after that or something that could not be redeemed.
Soon after he would be become king of Scotland and Thane of Dunsinane Hill. When
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Who could impress the forest.”(act.4 scene.i lines.104-105) and march with an army or that no man “woman born shall harm Macbeth” (act.4 scene.i line 185-186). The witches tricked Macbeth into becoming something worse than monsters that go bump in the night. The witches created a tyrant that would be his own damnation. He viewed Macduff as a target that must be eliminated, but when they fought Macduff said he was not born and macbeth realized he could not beat him and “(threw) down (his) warlike shield.”(act.5 scene.vii line 38). Macbeth was slain because he would refuse to bow down and surrender to whom he thought was his rival and every prophecy would come to
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