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The story of Macbeth can be depicted in many different views. Kurzel’s Macbeth film represents the story of Macbeth to be a much more gruesome and violent story line. This version give you a darker more modern view of Macbeth. With different interpretations comes changes to the storyline from characters being illustrated differently to a slight twist of the main plot.
Kurzel portrays the use of children and family as a very important feature throughout Macbeth. With the Opening scene being Macbeth and Lady Macbeth staring over their lost child. The opening scene fills in what the play never did and actually shows Macbeth and Lady Macbeth grieving over their now dead new born heir. The only hair to Macbeth laying dead as his father watches
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The true violence of the film is captured within the very first few scenes, with there being a battle at the opening of the movie. With Macbeth now entering the horrific battlefield, with bodies and blood all over the surrounding scene, Macbeth continues to rush as he takes out multiple enemies in a very violent manner. This violent action of warfare in Macbeth can be comparable to other movies that used similar effects to really show the violence in the scenes. With ideas of similarities to other warfare films New York Times gives the comparison stating “ Similarly to what Steven Spielberg did in “Saving Private Ryan” (and the Wachowskis did in “The Matrix”), Mr. Kurzel periodically slows down the action, allowing every drop of blood and bit of mud to linger” (Dargis 1). just as the battles were violent the murders committed through the film could be even worse. Macbeth kills the soldiers right in front of everyone, unlike the play were the killing of the guards is not seen by the audience or any other characters. Macbeth decides that he has to kill the guards at the very moment that he is with Lady Macbeth, Macduff and Lennox, instead of doing it off screen or off stage demonstrating the much more violent actions of Macbeth. The decision to keep in the murder of the guards is again to show the violent nature of this interpretation of

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