Macbeth Nihilism Analysis

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Macbeth has a nihilistic ideology, which is his downfall, and Shakespeare states that people should not live their lives with the ideology of Macbeth. After Lady Macbeth kills herself, Macbeth’s nihilistic mindset is revealed when he goes into a monologue stating that life is pointless and “signif[ies] nothing” (V, v, 30). Macbeth is so torn by the death of his wife that he sees life as pointless and fruitless. He believes that our actions and accomplishments are insignificant, and if death is inevitable, life must have no meaning. This is the basic concept of nihilism, in which life is considered to be meaningless. This mindset is what indirectly kills Macbeth, since his belief that life is a “brief candle” and the means to a “dusty death”
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