Macbeth People Abuse Power

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One thing I have learnt from the text ‘Macbeth’ written by William Shakespeare is that Macbeth fought hard to become King, a king that he thought would be much different. However, once Macbeth gained the reigns of King he began killing innocent people, disobeying the natural order and doing whatever he pleases. The actions of Macbeth the statement I have chosen, “why do people abuse power?”. I will investigate this statement further by answering the following three questions:
Who has abused power in the past?
What was the influence behind people abusing power?
What has been the likely outcome of those who have abused power?

Our history is full of powerful people who have abused their power, but not everyone who abuses power is a millionaire
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His death was a moment that the American drug enforcement agents as well as the authorities of Colombia had been waiting for for so long. After many years on the run from the police Pablo had developed certain ways of evading them, towards the end of his reigns Pablo knew he was going to be captured so he began enjoying life, leaving strongholds by himself to go get supplies, not trying so hard to be undetected. Once the power has been abused to a certain extent like when Escobar blew up a civilian jetliner and killed hundreds of innocent people there are only two realistic outcomes, prison or death, in Escobar's case it was death. “He built houses and cared about the poor,” one funeral goer stated at Escobar’s funeral in a story reported by The New York Times. “In the future, people will go to his tomb to pray, the way they would to a saint.” although some people still see Escobar as a Saint or role model, he was far from it in my eyes. Yes he did do some good in his lifetime but that doesn't automatically make him a Saint, if a rapist was to help the victim before the crime would that make him a good person? In our world today when someone commits a crime people believe that justice should be served, it is getting harder and harder for powerful people to commit felonies without being noticed but not only is it harder for powerful people but also just everyday citizens. If a teacher abuses the power in the classroom it is likely he/she will receive disciplinary action or suspension. The outcome doesn't always have to be as severe as Pablo Escobar's, yet as long as justice is restored, society will be

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