Macbeth Porphyria's Lover Analysis

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Shakespeare uses dialect, structure and form to pass on and make the impact of anti-heroism through his aggressive character, Macbeth. This character can be contrasted with the storyteller of Porphyria 's Lover whose extraordinary feelings of affection turn out to be excessively overpowering for him, making it impossible to handle. Besides, you are able to compare him with the speaker in the literary composition, Hitcher. As his jealousy takes over him and releases violence and viciousness. Shakespeare and Browning convey Elizabethan culture as patriarchal, where men were thought to be the pioneers and ladies are inferior. Ladies were viewed as the weaker sex as far as physical strength. Ladies were delineated as kind and minding and additionally being the ideal mother and housewife. However, men were depicted as bold, powerful and faithful. Be that as it may, these depictions of both sexes are a long way from the primary characters of Porphyria 's lover, and Shakespeare 's disaster Macbeth. The oppressive and merciless three speakers, for example, the storyteller of Porphyria 's Lover and Macbeth both commit murder, each one being more violent than the other. Macbeth commits treason due to his selfish personality. For example, he exclaimed, "Stars hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires" this portrays Macbeth selfishness. Macbeth is…show more content…
Similarly, the play Macbeth uses pathetic fallacy in the beginning, “when shall we three meet again in thunder, lightning or in rain”. The uses of pathetic fallacy not only will it show hidden meanings, but it illustrates the connection between the event and Gods reaction to the event. In addition, using this technique highlights how important the event is. As it will clearly present the reader the idea of negative themes; which means it will create mystery for the readers. Introducing pathetic fallacy into the play creates a questioning and fearful mood. It will add suspense and intrigue the reader even
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