Macbeth Prophecies Come True

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In the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare Macbeth is becoming a great king because he is doing everything any person would do to define their title. Macbeth did not start believing what the witches told him until one of their prophecies came true. After Macbeth became the thane of Cardower he starts thinking about how he was going to make all of his prophecies come true. Macbeth would have to kill King Duncan. Macbeth would have to kill Banquo. macbeth is very easily manipulated by the people in his life. Macbeth first step was to kill King Duncan. Macbeth wanted to back out of killing king Duncan, but his wife pressured him into going along with the plan. By Macbeth’s wife calling him a coward, he decided to show her that he was a real…show more content…
Macbeth started to think that Banquo was plotting against him. Banquo was coming suspicious of Macbeth because of the way he was acting at the dinner. Macbeth also remembered what the witches said to Banquo. The witches told Banquo that his children would be king. So Macbeth hired two murderers to kill Banquo and his son to knock out the competition. He thought that by doing this no one could take his crown from him. The last step was to kill all the people you were suspicious of. Macbeth started killing people because he became suspicious that they were plotting against him. By doing this Macbeth was getting rid of all the people he felt was threatening his power as king. Macbeth was so focus on his power as king that he did not care when he heard that his wife was died. Macbeth became power hungry.He started taking people out just because people told him too. He let other people make the decisions that shape the person that he became. This is what led to his downfall in the end. In conclusion Macbeth is very easily manipulated by the people in his life. In the end his actions are justified. He did what any person would do to look of for their well being. He made decisions like killing king Duncan, killing Banquo, and killing people he thought was plotting against him. He thought these decisions were the best decisions he could make to make all his prophecies come true. But they turned out to be his downfall. We cannot say the that we
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