Macbeth Quote Analysis

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This quote takes place when Macbeth plans to kill Duncan. It says that the killing will lead to being killed, that if Macbeth kills Duncan it will lead to his own demise. This explains that what goes around comes around, or that you will get what you deserve. In this context security is defined as too much self-confidence, this quote says that security is our greatest enemy. This quote states that having too much self-confidence is mankind’s greatest problem. This quote says that even though evil things can try to appear good, good things will always appear good. I found this quote interesting. This quote is said by Malcolm to Macduff after Macduff’s family is killed. He is told to turn his grief into anger; to not suppress his emotions…show more content…
This shows Jack’s personality. He says that the English are best at everything this shows that he is arrogant, that he thinks he’s the best. This also shows that in the beginning, Jack did want there to be rules to govern them. This Quote is said by Piggy. He says that there is no beast of anything to be afraid of unless they are afraid of people. This shows that Piggy believes humans are the thing that there is to fear. This quote is said by Simon. Simon believes that there may be a beast, but that the beast is not a physical creature, but rather a part of all of them. This states that there is a monster inside all of us. This quote is said by the lord of the flies. This quote further explains that the beast isn’t a physical creature but a mental thing, part of them. They are the beast. This quote describes Jack as the boys are found by the naval officer. Even though he has taken authority of the island proclaiming himself chief he doesn’t step up to the officer and speak. He is described as a little boy, he is not seen as a savage. This quote shows that even though he turns savage after his time on the island Jack hasn’t completely lost all of his humanity. This quote shows the effects of the island on the boys. Ralph remembers what life on the island had started like how fun it had been. Now the island is all burned and Piggy and Simon have been killed. The time in the island turned Jack and his tribe into savages. They have lost their
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