Macbeth Rationale Analysis

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Rationale This written task is about “How could the text be read or interpreted differently by two different readers?” and it is based on Act 5 Scene 1 of William Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth”. This scene demonstrated the mind hallucinations that Lady Macbeth has in the wake of impacting her spouse Macbeth to slaughter Duncan. The scope of this analysis is related to the section of the course of the definite investigation of a text. I found extremely interesting and enjoyable to work with these section of the play given the fact that it got my consideration how Lady Macbeth and her spouse were rebuffed for submitting injustice from Shakespeare perspective, yet from a present day perspective we can read the scene in an unexpected way. Moreover, the first paragraph is an introduction to the play and a quick presentation of the beginning of Act 5 Scene 1 and what caused Lady Macbeth’s hallucinations. The second section talks about the first interpretation of a reader that comes from the nineteenth century where everything that had no explanation, happened because of witchcraft. The third paragraph talks about the second interpretation from a reader of a modern era where hallucinations are only based on scientific proof. Finally, the fourth and final paragraph is a wrap up of the three previous paragraphs with the only focus of summarizing the main arguments of the analysis.
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Macbeth is a moderately short play without a major subplot, and it is
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