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Research Plan

Research Priority Why is it important? Sources
What is the best software to use to make my website? 1 This is the most important research question as the whole website that I have to make is depended on which software I am going to be choosing to use. If a software is too basic, it will have very little functions and it will make the website look basic and not professional attracting more people. Therefore, the software that I use, I have to first look at them in detail and also try to read online comments on what’s good about it and what is not. Secondary Research: On the internet, I can search up the different software’s available.

What is Macbeth the story about? 2 I need to know what the story Macbeth is all about as
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How to code an HTML website? 3 To learn how to use HTML and CSS is a very important aspect for me because; I have decided that to use a software that supports HTML and CSS. Without learning how to use this, I will not be able to make my website and learning how to code in HTML and CSS is essential for me in this project. Primary Research: I could go onto and learn about basic functions myself.

Secondary Research: I can search up the basic functions and use them to create the website.
What are some essential good features in a website? 4 I am asked to make a website on the tragic story of Macbeth by Shakespeare. Through this website I aspire to make children of Raha international school to like the website and not get bored of it. Therefore, it is essential for me to learn what are the good features that a website needs to attract a certain audience. Primary Research: I will take a survey and ask about 10 people on what is the most essential thing they believe that a website needs.

Secondary Research: I will find this information on the internet as I will search this on the
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6 The way that I format the content and the videos and images on my website is important because it affects the overall looks of the website. Other than that, it helps the people read and go through the website easily which is helpful for them as then they will not think that the website is useless as there is no organization and everything is all over the place. Primary Research: I will see a number of different websites and take note of the way everything is being laid out.

Secondary Research: I will search up a number of templates on the internet to see what is a good way.
What is a good color scheme for the theme of Macbeth? 7 The mood of the website should be conveyed through the color scheme. It is important that the color scheme that I chose supports the theme of death and evilness; Macbeth as it will bring the audience in the mood of the website’s aim. Primary Research: I will take a survey and give a number of options, make people chose and give reason for their
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