Macbeth Theme Of Betrayal And Hypocrisy

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Macbeth is a story of betrayal and hypocrisy, a conflict between ambition and differentiation between right and wrong .Macbeth is the king’s most trusted and beloved friend but due to the pressure of lady Macbeth (Macbeth’s wife) ,he becomes the king’s enemy and starts plotting against him to get the throne. Lady Macbeth instigates Macbeth to kill the king by telling him the advantage the will achieve – rich, famous and popular. Macbeth follows her commands and in the dead of night , creeps in the king’s room and takes a look at him after taking out the dagger to kill him . He is in a state of ambiguity. On one hand his conscious stopping him and on the other he is eagerly waiting to see the king dead in order to enjoy the privileges and

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