Macbeth: Tragic Hero

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macbeth is not a tragic hero anywhere throughout this story let me explain this guy goes throughout the story this guy goes and turns completely crazy because of this prophecy that these witches gave him that he would become all of these things like the king and thain of cawad and another one so he was thinking about it so hard when the king killed one of the thain's and disowning one so when macbeth became both he knew that the prophecy must have been true so he went and killed the king and all so his wife but it doesn't say that and he did all of this at night so he would feel bad about it. this shows that macbeth could definitely no be a tragic hero due to the fact that he let power overcome him also tragic heroes don't kill unless there…show more content…
when he did all of this it was at that time he became a not a tragic hero when he let the thought of power and greed he made the decision to kill all of the people that he did with no remorse if the witches had not told him the profuse than all of this wouldn't have happen so i honestly think that is the most reason that macbeth is not a tragic hero because of what he did and letting his wife tell him how he isn't a
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