Macbeth Tragic Hero

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William Shakespeare, one of history’s legendary writers, created the play Macbeth with a tragedy that still burns with pity and sadness for Macbeth to this very day. From Macbeth’s tragic flaws, his continuous errors in judgement, to his complete downfall, this character actively demonstrates many characteristics of a Shakespearean tragic hero. The character Macbeth is a tragic hero in the play Macbeth. One of the reasons how Macbeth is a tragic hero is by his tragic flaws. In the play, the audience receives a sense of Macbeth’s ambition from this quote: “I have no spur/to prick the sides of my intent, but only/vaulting ambition, which overlaps itself/and falls on the others” (1,7,25-28). This passage displays Macbeth’s ambition is becoming…show more content…
Macbeth’s deterioration initiated with slaying Macduff’s family. By doing this, he only creates Macduff as an enemy who is now declaring revenge for his slaughtered family. When Macbeth commits this crime, it reveals that he is a tragic hero, in view of the fact that he continues performing disastrous deeds which only demolished his downfall. Upon following this, Macbeth’s epiphany, when he recognizes that the three witches had cleverly tricked him, was an exemplary point on how Macbeth is a tragic hero seeing that this individual finally becomes aware of the horrendous crimes he has accomplished in the play. In the following catharsis, Macbeth releases those emotion, “And be these juggling fiends no more believed,/that palter with us in a double sense,/that keep the word of promise to our ear,/and break it to our hope” (5,8,23-26). The last part of this characters downfall, is when he is killed by Macduff. Shakespeare wrote this part beautifully because it evokes a feeling of sadness and sympathy for Macbeth. This scene indicates that Macbeth is a tragic hero because, Macbeth thought that he would be safe, according to the witches, but when he uncovers Macduff is the only human able to end him, he immediately gives up all hope and confidence, and dies. To wrap this up, Macbeth’s downfall, proves to show how he is a tragic hero because from when he kills Macduff’s family, to…show more content…
Macbeth is a play that consists of a very interesting tragic hero, Macbeth. He is a tragic hero from his ambition, greed, and guilt, which are known as Macbeth’s tragic flaws. Macbeth’s mistakes and errors combines listening to the witches prophecies, and killing both Duncan and Banquo, are also very supportive of how is a tragic hero. His downfall, of course, is where the Shakespearean term tragic hero struck the most, from Macbeth killing Macduff’s family, his epiphany, to when he suffered death. So, want to know the real secret of Shakespeare’s tragedies? It is the unceasing feeling of sorrow and pity for William’s characters who thrive with the characteristics of a Shakespearean tragic
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