Macbeth Vs Mean Girls Research Paper

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Macbeth vs. Mean Girls
The word guilt can be defined as a bad feeling caused by knowing or thinking that a person themselves have done something bad or wrong. Whether it is an older time period or present day, in all medias of life today the impact of guilt is seen. For example, The tragedy of Macbeth is a short play that was written in 1606 by Shakespeare specifically for King James I. This play was written during a time period where they had strong beliefs in witches and the power that they had over people's lives. In the play, the witches have a strong influence on Macbeth and the fate of what happens to his life. There are many incidents where Macbeth feels guilt from the actions that he took towards the king. Similarly to Macbeth, there is a movie made in 2004 called Mean Girls. This is a movie produced by paramount pictures that is
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In this movie, a group of mean high school girls make a book full of gossip for people around the school. The movie is based on the main character becoming friend with these girls and turning more evil like them. One of the teachers, Ms. Norbury thought it was out of control. She took all the girls in the school in the gym and broke down the problem. She explained to them all the effects of what bullying like this does as well as the effect it had on her personally as she was in the book. Once she had done this, all the girls began to feel guilty. Not only the girls with the book, but the whole school (Mean Girls). People never really know what words can do to someone until they see that in direct effect. This is a great example of the impact of guilt, because it was a situation where the girls had to deal with the responsibility of their actions as well as finally realizing that they were in the wrong. Once they did this, they began to feel sorry for what they had done as well as guilty for their effect on Ms. Norbury and the other
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