Macbeth Word Blood Analysis

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Shakespeare wrote a tragedy and the word blood was used as major theme of the play. Most likely, word blood was most used by Macbeth in the play. One of the conditions that he had to face was guilt. For the entire play, he was afflicted with guilt that was caused by his greed of success. In addition, Macbeth also stated a line represented revenge. Similar to the guilt of Macbeth, Donalbain expressed his feeling after his lost of father, through a line that was symbolized with family and violence. Majority of times, blood in the play was used to show the story was going to be more sinister than previous to readers and also express character’s emotion. Through out the story, Macbeth struggle the most with the guilt. In the begging, three witches told Macbeth that he will become king eventually. By the reason of the witches’ foreshadow, Macbeth murdered King Duncan in order for him to become a king himself. After the action of murder of Duncan, he said “will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hand?”(2.2.60). Through the line, Macbeth expressed how traumatized he was with the guilt. Since Duncan was he’s guest, cousin and the king, it was hard for him to digest the fact that he killed all…show more content…
“The near in blood, the nearer bloody” (2.3.122). Blood in his expression symbolized family and violence all together. Donabain was Duncan’s son and he was cousin of Macbeth and Banquo. It means that they share the part of the blood. In other words, near in family, the nearer bloody. Since the murder happened when two of his cousins were with his dead father, therefore, he wanted to avoid his cousin as possible for his sake. Moreover, the symbol of blood can also represent violence. Donalbain’s concern of having violence was described in the same way when Macbeth was distressed with revenge. Both of them were upset how first event would lead to another bloody
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