Macbeth's 'Bloody Man'

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1. Why does Duncan call the messenger a "bloody man"? Is it because his uniform is as red as blood, because Duncan really doesn 't like him, or because he is covered in both his own and his enemies blood?

Duncan, the Scottish King, met a captain who was severely wounded from the battle in Scotland. He used the term "bloody man" to describe the large amount of blood on the man’s body, which was obtained from the war.

2. What is the name of the rebel who Macbeth killed? Is it Malcom, Macdonald or Banquo?
Macdonald is the name of the person that Macbeth killed. He was the leader of the rebellious group that were attacking the King of Scotland. 3. How did Macbeth kill this rebel?
The captain explained that Macbeth used a sword to cut open Macdonald’s
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