Macbeth's 'Corruption And Kingship'

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'An uprising against the ruler of land is monstrous and unnatural, ' ' as indicated in Michelle Labbe article "Corruption and Kingship ' '.Macbeth should not have let the three witches get to him.Macbeth killed Duncan out of morbid jealousy,and temptation.A person should not kill their king just because they want their position.Macbeth is wrong for killing his king just because he could.Ambition was a negative attribute,Macbeth ambition killed King Duncan.In Tragedy Of Macbeth by William Shakespeare Macbeth was overly ambitious,which lead him to his awful fate.Although some may say Macbeth was justified in his murder of Duncan as he pursued kingship since his mother,Doada,was the second daughter of Malcolm ll.Also Duncan Maccrinan,was elected

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