Macbeth's Downfall Analysis

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Macbeth 's downfall
Prompt one Fair is foul and foul is fair. The whole theme to Macbeth everything that’s good end up being bad, and anything good ends up not being as great as Macbeth thought. As he had everyone else handle his problems he slowly started to become mad, and here 's how.
One, when he got the three witches prophecies when he wrote that letter to his wife he corrupted his and hers innocence and got filled with greed, disparage, heinous behavior. Once Lady Macbeth got the letter she told to the spirits to unsex her and fill her with malevolent evil. And once Macbeth got that taste of evil on his tongue he killed king Duncan. That was the first step to his end. "I am settled, and bend up each corporal agent to this terrible feat. Away, and mock the time with fairest show: false face must hide what the false heart doth know" (Shakespeare, Macbeth, act 1). I added this because you can see how easy it is for Macbeth and Lady Macbeth to hide a murder that was on their hand.
Two, when
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Lastly, I 'm skipping some of the play because if I had to list everything we would be here for days. But one important reasons why Macbeth started to fall was because when he went back to the witches and they told him that no one of woman born shall harm him he thought he was safe but there was one person that stood in his way, Macduff. The witches told him to beware Macduff, he should have listened! When the battle with Scotland and England was coming to it 's end Macbeth faced Macduff in a battle Macbeth says "Why should I play the Toman fool, and die on mine own sword? Whiles I see lives, the gashes do better upon them" (Shakespeare, Macbeth, act five). I added this because you can see how timid Macbeth is to fight Macduff. The only thing he can hold onto is that he thinks that Macduff is woman born, but come to find out he was born a C-section so this makes it not a natural birth. So, Macduff cuts off his head. And that’s the end of Macbeth, never to
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