Macbeth's Impact On The English Language

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William Shakespeare left a large impact on the English language. At the time he published his plays, he made it possible for illiterate to understand and enjoy his plays through the use of language. Not to mention that the characters in his plays often were complex and full of doubts which made them question the world around them. But in order to understand how revolutionary and different his plays, such as Macbeth, were in comparison to others at the time, one needs to know the Elizabethan worldview.
The Elizabethan worldview was influenced by the principle of order. This meant that there was a hierarchy in everything from objects, animals, humans to God. Man was believed to be the center of the universe, which the other planets and the sun revolved around. If this order was broken it would have fatal consequences. An example of this can be seen in Macbeth when Macbeth becomes king, even though the witches had predicted that Banquo’s son would be the one to become king. Macbeth breaks the order when he kills Duncan and it leads to chaos. Order is only restored when the rightful king sits on the throne.
The play is a tragedy, which means that the protagonist has a fatal flaw that results in their downfall, but it also makes the audience feel sympathy for them and it applies to Macbeth because he gets consumed by his hunger for power. The ancient Greeks were also invested in the concept of Moira or destiny since the
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