Macbeth's Primary Flaw Analysis

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Obsession to stand politically dominant is Macbeth’s primary flaw. Macbeth’s progressive deterioration begins after his encounter with the witches, who declare Macbeth’s prophecies. The last prophecy contributes the most to his downfall; Macbeth shall be King of Scotland. Macbeth’s intention to be the king contradict his honourability to Duncan. The obsessive trait Macbeth develops worsens through the play, prior to Duncan’s visit to Inverness, Macbeth advances with his prophecy. In a letter, Macbeth writes to his wife, he promises a greatness to them according to the prophecies. Lady Macbeth aggressively gambles with the prophecy until Macbeth is in agreement with her and his fate. Lady Macbeth knows her husband contemplates his honourability

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